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Monday, April 15, 2024


As the capital of international trade, humanitarian aid, non-governmental organizations and peace negotiations, Geneva remains, in many ways, the place to be in these globalized times. Klvin Mag aims to reflect the great diversity that explains why the pulse of the world beats in this small city in French-speaking Switzerland. What many people don't realize is that the city at the end of the lake is where decisions are made that affect the daily lives of the planet's seven billion inhabitants. What could be more natural than to design a better world in the country that continues to win the prize for innovation? Experts from all over the world appreciate Geneva's favorable atmosphere for meeting, exchanging ideas and teaching at local institutes. We look forward to satisfying your curiosity by exploring current topics, and awakening your senses with gastronomy and culture. Dreams will enter your mind through travel in Switzerland and abroad. We'll share with you the new international lifestyle, typical of the post-pandemic era, which now embraces hybrid and face-to-face formats, surfing between Geneva and the five continents.

Catherine Fiankan-Bokonga